Stepping Stone (my first poem)


I am merely a stepping stone

Feet find their way upon me

Only to move to higher ground

Sometimes one pauses to gaze from their perch

Eyes peering everywhere but down

Water’s touch has made my skin smooth

I am forever polished by father time

Lonely is my task in your eyes, but not in mine

I have many brothers and sisters

Taking the waves by my side

I am merely a stepping stone

A means for you to higher ground

Oh, how you forget my watchful eyes

I watch along with father time

4 comments on “Stepping Stone (my first poem)

  1. Please write more poetry! It’s lovely
    “Eyes peering everywhere but down” <- this line in particular I really liked

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] by the amount of feedback I received on my first poem and to be very honest with you that was my first poem. I’m not known for writing poetry, but that was a lot of fun so I shall be doing that […]


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