30 Days In Review (March 2015)


After blogging for a month I have decided that every 30th-31st post will contain a reflective recap of everything that has happened on the blog as well as a couple of real life events. The second scheduled idea: I will be posting one poem every week. I was surprised by the amount of feedback I received on my first poem and to be very honest with you that was my first poem. I’m not known for writing poetry, but that was a lot of fun so I shall be doing that again.

My Favorite Posts:

Looking back on my writing, I’m trying to categorize the types of posts that were most successful. Inspiration/Advice posts were very successful, and so were posts containing personal stories. Posts in the dating category received mediocre success based on different approaches. The more humor based ones faired better than the straightforward logical and economics based writing, when talking about dating. The hands down lowest category was my social commentary related writing; although I know for a fact I have gotten several religious followers for writing them so maybe Shaq and Charles Barkley are right… analytics is hocus pocus.

The only reason I bothered doing that analysis is to determine what kind of style was received the best, since I was writing a post a day for 30 days. My more creative posts were far more successful and I am very surprised by that. I have always been known for analytical writing, but it seems to me that my analysis of hypothetical things or using my imagination seems to be working. I will not stop doing social commentary and my posts will vary quite a bit in topic because that keeps it interesting for me. I will just use the stylistic feedback to alter how I write them. I believe that the previous analysis was reflective of the fact that creative posts draw more attention from non-followers and many of my followers like my social commentary related posts.

Anyways feel free to jump in with your own feedback on that. I simply analyzed my statistics and I realize that may not mean much since the sample size is quite small.

Some Life Events:

  • I attended a dinner with Tim Gowers. He is surprisingly accessible  for a famous mathematician.
  • I got pretty depressed and isolated myself to my room for half of the month. The anxiety also got pretty bad, but once I submitted a bunch of assignments it got much better.
  • I successfully conducted an economic survey, which was pretty fun. I will be presenting my results to the local government officials.
  • I have been playing NBA 2k14 (my career) and watching NBA highlights on GD’s Extra Highlights. The Houston Rockets look super impressive and I look forward to watching their playoff run. James Harden is a lot of fun to watch.
  • I started this blog!

Some Goals I Have For The Blog:

  • I want to keep the same diversity of posts. That may be a bit confusing to some, but that’s really who I am. I have a wide array of interests and thoughts, which I would like to display.
  • This month I would like to post some actual stories as in not personal reflections, but short story fiction. I have not really written in that style before, but this blog has made me try several styles of writing I am unfamiliar with already. Depending on how this goes I may add this to the weekly diet so one poem and one short story would be coming each week. (Edit: this became a reality, check out my first short story)
  • I would really like to write to prompts as well. I may have to get them from people in real life or from a couple steady followers that I have, until I get enough people who are aware that I wish to do this. If my follower base happens to grow a bit more this month, I can try to make responses to prompts a thing. E-mail me here: thoughtsofaninternetperson@gmail.com to send prompt or response ideas.

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