A Twilight Dance


Upon the midnight hour

My search continues

Another moon high in starlight

A chill in the air as cold as steel

Come forth, the hunter is waiting

Behold I smell fire!

Who trespasses upon my land?

Human, human it must be?

Here to further unravel an ancient pact

Once formed with hand and fang

With blood and brawn we shared these grounds

Hand and fang became an equal match

But fire, no more could we withstand

Soon came lightning and thunder

A pact revisited, to be shared with steel

Nature’s balance, been led astray

Fist drawn to strike at which is not seen

An enemy lit under a starry night

Tonight we reclaim what was once lost

A twilight dance it shall be


*Featured image Moonlight Forest by Edwin Alverio found here

3 comments on “A Twilight Dance

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