The Lure of The Devil’s Blood


An amazing story concerning drug addiction that really deserves a read. I have never reblogged a post before, but if you see this drop what you’re doing and start reading!


My name was Kristiana Elizabeth Dunton. I had long curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, and was always told I had a million dollar smile.

Today my name is Trixie, My dark brown hair is stiff with hairspray and sticky with sweat, my normally vibrant eyes stare vacant and dazed, with eyeliner and mascara heavily adorning them. And not one person is saying I have a million dollar smile. Even if I were smiling, that is not what they are looking at.

I grab ahold of the tray of shot tubes on the table in front of me and plaster a fake (passable as a hundred dollar) smile on my face, and make sure to sway my hips exuberantly as I stagger to a distant table of older men.

“Hey Trixie baby we’ll take five of those off your hands,” called a stout, sweaty man in his forties. I didn’t…

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2 comments on “The Lure of The Devil’s Blood

  1. 12stepmommy says:

    Thank you so much for reblogging (is that a word? Or can I just use “blog” in any format I like? I am horribly new at doing this if you cannot tell 😊). I really appreciate the read and the comment! I personally am in recovery and most of what I write is my fiction, but I know it is some ones reality, so I try to let their voice be heard through my words. I’m babbling I just very much wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoy your posts! The Hunter in the shadows was phenomenal!

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    • royyman32 says:

      No worries, I am incredibly new to blogging myself. Reblogging is the correct term since it puts a summary and link to your post on my blog. I felt entitled to honestly because it was so well written and fast paced that I want to spread the word 🙂 I was also drawn to your blog due to the mixture of real life and creative writing you have there (something we have in common). I wish you the best in your recovery process and thank you for reading my story as well. I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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