Mad Hatter’s Minute Clinic

Blood on his shirt

Blood in his hands

Blood on his food

Blood in his pants


I need a mop

No now a bucket

Maybe bring me a vacuum

What a mess this man is!


Never mind

Fetch me water and dye

Then mix them together

Pump that fool with it, he’s almost blue


I need some tape

Perhaps some glue

Get me a stapler

Just in case, call for some rope


What’s that, he’s almost dead?

The odds are not good

Take that noose there

This will not do


First wring the neck

Then out comes the dye

Wait, I want the heart

Don’t waste the liver, I need that for next


Sigh, I did all I could

Mad Hatter pays his respects

Now off with this man

It’s six feet under with you!





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