Traveling Man On The Dirt Road


On a long and winding dirt road, out in the middle of nowhere

The traveler parks his pickup truck and smokes the last cigarette

His breath stinks of mouthwash, the alcohol ran out last week

A girl smiles as she walks by him, but he turns away

He’s still thinking of the night before


The traveler hears his name out loud, called from afar

Sounding of the engines drowns out his one note song

“Here I am” he whispers to himself, “on the lonely road again”


So he checks into a motel, the days journey too much to bear

A girl saunters upstairs; heeding Cupid’s call

They share mouthwash and whiskey, feasting on egg whites and bacon


The engine roars to life again as he stops his one note song

Driving sixteen hours, the mind starts to wander out into the distance

The lady at the restaurant gets the food without a word

Eggs whites and bacon, but no one to answer the call in full

He checks into a motel

Another girl saunters up the stairs to eat the rest of her share


The traveler has a home too, just like you and me

He opens the front door to an empty nest

Egg whites and bacon were missing from the house next door


Off on the road again, he goes without a thought

“This is my home now, I belong nowhere else”, he says to no one, but himself

A blanket on the back seat says times are getting tough


Egg whites and bacon are nowhere to be found

Mouthwash becomes the travelers food

“There’s no space for a girl to sleep, in the back seat”


The traveler has nothing, but his one note song

“Here I am, on the road again”,”Here I am, traveling far again”

Two packs of cigarettes light the way as the journey continues through the night


Exhaustion overwhelms him as he lies awake in a bed

Echoes of the engine ringing out in his head

A penny short of mouthwash, a nickel away from gasoline

So he walks out the front door, feet serve a man well

“Here I am, on the road again”,”Here I am, traveling far again”






2 comments on “Traveling Man On The Dirt Road

  1. iggy23 says:

    I don’t really get poetry but I think this is pretty interesting since it sort of tells a story. I mean, I think most poems tell stories but they’re pretty abstract. I’ve always been interested in poetry but am too lazy to do anything about that, haha. But I like the solitude in your poem and the thought of eating the same breakfast day after day (even though I must say that egg whites and bacon sound very good for daily breakfasts) seems to show that his life is pretty stagnant and he’s at a standstill (existential crisis maybe?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • royyman32 says:

      Thanks! I had never written poetry before I started this blog. I like to tell stories or convey morals in my poems because it’s easier in the sense that thoughts can be abrupt and readers can fill in the gaps, compared to fully detailed prose. Yeah, that was my idea behind the egg white and bacon (how healthy I know), just to get at a routine standstill in this man’s life. I really enjoy exploring characters that are entirely different from me, like the traveler.

      Liked by 1 person

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