Chain Game: Alphabet Soup – A for Avarice


I enjoyed the interactive experience of receiving and giving a blog award, so I came up with an idea for a chain posting game. This should be a lot of fun!

Alphabet Soup

Objective: The goal is to complete the alphabet using a word starting with each letter. The game goes in order, post by post, starting with A as the first post and ending with Z as the last post. Once you find the word for your post, you must write a little something related to your word. You have complete freedom in how you want to creatively approach this: short story, personal relation to that word, poetry, etc. You can write whatever you want regarding your word. Finish the post by tagging 3 people for the next letter.

You do not need to know the word in advance. I looked on scrabble word finder for words starting with X  and I found xerosis, which I discovered to be a condition causing extremely dry skin. The idea I had was to tell the tale of a man suffering from xerosis who was placed in a leper colony due to his abnormal appearance. He then transforms into the leper messiah – one who preaches to the lepers. So you can be as creative as you want to be in writing about your word. Or you can strictly stick to talking about the meaning of the word ; the choice is yours.


1. First poster in the chain always starts with A (anyone can start a chain). Otherwise pick up at the next letter in the alphabet.

2. Write something in relation to your word. The word can be a focal point or merely a thematic element; creative writing pieces are welcome. Personal experiences, thoughts on the meaning of the word, and why you like a certain word are also welcome. This part is intentionally left open to the writer; do as you wish.

3. Leave links to the previous alphabet posts in alphabetical order.

4.  Tag 3 fellow bloggers for the next letter.

(Sorry to repeat points from the objective to the rules. I just have the objective to explain my idea in full and in continuation only knowing the rules is really necessary. The idea is pretty simple. You can totally edit my rules, we’re all just trying to have some fun.)


I’ll be the first to admit that I am a greedy person. Heck I study economics, which in some fields is the study of greed (passed off as incentives), when considering the micro scale. Part of my basic assumptions about how people operate, is the idea that everyone needs an incentive for every action they take. This can be a positive thing as I have incentive to give people nice compliments and encourage them in their endeavors because I gain a good amount of personal satisfaction from helping others. So in that way I am helping others out of a natural need for satisfaction, and you could say I am greedy for that kind of satisfaction. Therefore I will constantly help others because it in turn makes me feel good about myself. It’s selfish in the sense that I desire personal satisfaction and the feeling of giving valuable advice more than I desire selflessly helping another person.

However, the type of greed I wish to avoid is the insatiable greed for riches or material gain, avarice. Since we’re talking about incentives in this context, I’m not refusing avarice out of the argument of some moral high ground; I strongly feel that avarice is counter productive to my goals in life and I have disincentives to become extremely greedy for material wealth. Don’t get me wrong, when I graduate from college and enter the working world, I aim to get a large enough salary so I can live comfortably. But I always wonder: what would I do with such extraneous wealth after I have attained what I need to be comfortable?  The maximal amount of money I would need is enough money so that i can place it in a high-grade investment plan and never work again. I’m the kind of person who uses their free time in productive ways to pursue the various interests I have. I would rather do that than work, and that is the maximum amount of greed I can display. I don’t want yachts or two houses or fancy cars. I could have money delivered to me on a stipend to live comfortably in a town house with a Honda civic. My greediest desire is to simply have the time and resources to pursue my own hobbies and interests endlessly.

So you’re probably wondering why I don’t desire such wealth. I have experienced different levels of financial stability throughout my life. My parents immigrated to the United States from India when I was just six months old. They were post doctoral researchers trying to establish themselves while holding degrees from a foreign institute. I was raised in a small apartment in New York City probably the size of your kitchen, with bare bones furniture. For most of my life my family transitioned to being middle class, and my parents lived comfortably in a town house for three. We weren’t rich, but we never had to worry about money. Then when I left for college my dad got promoted. My parents decided to buy a nice new house and live large. As comfortable as excess wealth is, I don’t care to spend all my energy in acquiring/managing wealth. Even if money is handed to you, when you start utilizing it your mindset shifts towards keeping a certain lifestyle and materialistic purchases with such wealth. I would rather save that energy for realizing my inner thoughts and pursuing my hobbies. I’ll care about money to the extent that I have enough to not worry about paying my bills, but spending my energy pursuing my creative endeavors is so much more important to me. Money comes with a lot of bullshit that eats away your time and I don’t want to get wrapped up in paper chasing, having people constantly ask me for money, or wondering how many cars I can buy instead of spending time practicing writing. Money can be a huge distraction and that greed is self-destructive in that it makes people forget about other pressing priorities/desires in their lives.

My family isn’t rich or anything, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. We’re still very middle class. I just saw the slightest display of avarice and greed by my parents. That was really off-putting since I identify us as middle class people who save a majority of our money and live in modesty. Then my parents started spending all this money all of a sudden. That made it clear to me that they no longer identified themselves in the same way I do, but I’ll take their initial lessons with me to continue their work where they left off. Money is important to me to the extent that I have the resources to realize my creative aspirations and hobbies. Outside of that I simply don’t see the need to hoard wealth in excess. If a person has the ability to live comfortably and pursue their aspirations, I think they’re doing damn good. I’ll take that option please.

I choose you:

1. Neanicnomad

2. A Symphony Of Literacy

3. Perfectly Imperfect

Luckily plenty of good words start with B.

Feel free to start your own chain or pick up with B from my post even if I didn’t tag you. I just thought this would be a fun idea to try out. Feel free to simplify the title of your however you want, I had a lot of ground to cover hence such a long and winding title. I’d love to see what people come up with!

11 comments on “Chain Game: Alphabet Soup – A for Avarice

  1. This sounds fun. I can post any word that begins with B?

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Wao! It looks like real fun. Hope to take time to understand it and join in the fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. iggy23 says:

    Bollocks count as a B word right? I’m kidding, but I do appreciate that you’ve given me a challenge. I probably can’t think of something today since I’m back home late and my mind isn’t up for it. Maybe tomorrow (since it’s one of those Saturdays where I don’t have any plans) I’ll be able to come up with some good stuff. Nice story about your parents though, it relates well to Avarice – which, for that matter, is a good word. Hopefully I can keep that standard in mine!

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    • royyman32 says:

      Ha I totally missed this comment 😛 I like the word avarice, every once in a while I try to pull out words that I don’t use often like avarice. I also like that avarice has a very specific meaning unlike greed which is flexible. You definitely upheld the standard with your post 🙂

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  7. […] find myself caught in an alphabetical chain game started  appropriately by Adi, who is new to me. I am not a great fan of chains but I do like alphabet games…being a […]

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