Power Of The Ritted Word


der muss smit,

2d fur muss smits shoe en tel aye rit bot apels. mie mum en ded lyke apels. aye lyke apels 2. eff u dawnt lyke apels u r en stoopid. mie family haz apel farm wur wee cell apels. aye lyke grene apels. eff enuf peepul bye apels mie family gatz lotz en lotz eff $$. den aye ken deech skool en liff en hawaee. hawaee ez nyce cuz derr r lotz en lotz eff gurlz en itz sonny. aye cel apels en reese’s so aye ken muf 2 hawaee. mike linda shawn en charlie gatz dicted 2 apels. dey bye apels fum m3 err dey et reese’s. aye put sumfin en duh apel so dey gatz dicted. aye dawnt kur becuz hawaee. mie mum grund m3 bot aye cel apels en reese’s 2d. no 1 ken stop m3 fum chesin mie drems.

wen aye grow up aye wont 2 b rich $$. eff u dawnt lyke apels u r en stoopid cuz aye ned $$ fur hawaee. eff u dawnt lyke apels try mie spezal apels. dey test gud trust m3. wot wuz aye sayin? o yeh. wot aye wont 2 b wen aye grow up. aye wont 2 b rich $$. aye dawnt lyke liffen en en farm wit apels. aye haf beg drems. 1 d aye wil muf eff duh farm. den aye wil fund meg foxxx en marry herr. den aye wil bye 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale. i dawnt wont 2 cel spezal apels 4 eva. lyke scur faz sed = stoopid clombanz dey nefa wont ed 2 mek duh cel dey wont 2 jek mie fur mie $$ = scur faz aka pony bonana. aye kent cel spezal apels 4 eva o aye wil b ded lyke pony bonana et duh en eff duh moofie. wen aye grow up aye wil b rich $$ bot aye ned 2 cel lotz en lotz eff apels. den aye stop cel en apels cuz aye em rich $$.

muss smit sed dis paper ned ed 2 b 5 hunad wurdz. aye tryd contin all duh wurdz. bot it wuz hard. aye muf mie pinkie fum wurd 2 wurd bot derr war 2 manie wurdz. dat ez all aye haf 2 sed. duh en.

o yeh. muss smit. eff u eva tel eny1 aye cel spezal apels. aye wil kel ur mum en haf u grund.


u no oo

aye mek scur faz en ms pant. hope u lyke et.

As goofy as this letter was, I have a greater purpose in writing something like this. The first thing I would like to point out is that the frequently misspelled words, poor grammar, and repetitive sentence structure did not impede you from understanding the gist of the school boy’s letter (hopefully not). It would have been nice if words were properly spelled and the grammar allowed for easier reading, but in the end the ideas came across. Often times writers get caught up in revising grammar and sentence structure to make sure the written work flows better. However, I think that the ideas are the most important element of a piece of writing. You can have horrible sentence structure and grammar, but someone can help you edit your writing to better display those ideas clearly (how do professors who barely speak english get published in top journals). The reverse is not true; another person cannot give you your own ideas to write down using correct grammar and sentence structure that you have mastered. Those ideas belong to your helper, not you. With that being the case, you shouldn’t be afraid to express your ideas as they bring the most value to your writing. That’s what I love about blog writing rather than writing in academic contexts as I usually do. I can write a short story, have poor sentence structure, in that I abuse the word “was” to oblivion making almost every sentence passive, but people out there will read my work and get my ideas.

So basically all I’m saying, in my editing experience as a writing tutor, I have provided people with good sentence structure and grammar, but if I needed to provide them with ideas, I was feeding them my thoughts instead. The greatest power of the written word is to transfer thought from one individual to another; it’s like a snapshot of another person’s mind. The greater the writer, the purer the transfer of thought between minds. With all that being said, I encourage my fellow writers to spend more time practicing expressing ideas and less time worrying about things like grammar and sentence structure. They are important for conveying thoughts properly, but as long as your writing presents valuable ideas, grammar and sentence structure become a secondary objective. Focus on freely transforming mental thoughts into words, even if they come out like the school boy’s words. Those thoughts are yours; proper grammar and sentence structure guidelines can be found in Hacker, A Pocket Style Manual 6e BCS by Diana Hacker. There is no rulebook for creating ideas.

10 comments on “Power Of The Ritted Word

  1. Austin says:

    I didn’t even notice any spelling errors in that first section… 🙂

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  2. I agree. The ideas and expression of them are the backbone to any wiring piece. That’s what gets people to feel something.

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  3. iggy23 says:

    Hmm you got an interesting piece here. For me, I believe that people who use English as their first language should at least have a proper grasp of grammar and to an extent, spelling. But what you said is true. We need to focus on our ideas because they are more complex than any language rule. Editing is always the main grouse of writers and maybe that’s why we don’t really do it properly since it’s the boring part of writing. As usual, a very good read and great insight on what your job entails 🙂

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    • royyman32 says:

      Agreed. From a practical standpoint, functional use of grammar and spelling is absolutely necessary. But as you said expressing is the most complicated task in writing and often times writers confine themselves to the mastery of expressing creative ideas while editors do the editing 🙂 Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed.

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  4. KG says:

    Well said!! I feel the same way. 🙂

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