Heart Of The City


One cold winter

Frosty, cold air cut through my breath

Air escaping the vent was warm

Fearing death I went down below


Darkness surrounded me

Interrupted by the sounding horn

Foreshadowing a piercing beam of light

I turned my head; it was gone


In the fading dim

Shadows moved before my eyes

Women, men, and children

Claiming the darkness by right


“Stranger”, the shadows whispered

In the darkness, alone again I was

A moment to reconsider

My footsteps kept me company, followed by a murmur


Pat, Pat

“Stanger”, “Stranger”

I stood still for a moment

Alone once again


Hours passed as days

Days as hours

What was time anymore?

Without the sun to guide it


Eons later, my eyes opened again

Darkness abated in drastic fashion

Before me lay roads

Paving the undertow of the city


Whispers became voices

Shadows revealed human form

A merchant approached me

Displaying his wares


I brushed him off quickly

My question was “where”?

“Center city, haven’t you been here before?”

A multitude of faces gaped at me in awe


Center city?

But where?


Following the road by newfound sight

An endless maze it seemed stood before me

“Make a left, no right”

Unfamiliarity sunk in, as my feet drew circles


When all else failed

A trail I did find

“Follow the beating”, the old man said

I perked my ears at the faint sound against the wall


Follow! Follow!

I ran like the wind

At last I found what I was looking for

Now directions I have to share


Down the vent

Through the path that follows the A line

By the 75th pillar there lies within center city

A beating heart never exposed

* The featured image is a drain I passed while walking on the street. Unfortunately it doesn’t lead that far underground and immediately connects to a freshwater body.

2 comments on “Heart Of The City

  1. iggy23 says:

    You know, you could turn all of your poems into really good short stories. I find that your poems have the potential to become a really nice, sort of abstract piece where the endings are greatly satisfying. Maybe that ebook will come sooner than expected?

    Liked by 1 person

    • royyman32 says:

      I agree that that is possible, but the end result i quite different. If this were a short story I would be tempted to fill in details such as being accepted by the shadow people or actually finding a beating heart. Poems are abrupt enough that the reader has to fill in some of the details and I like using it for ideas like this. Probably because my short stories aren’t abstract or I would be more flexible a you said 🙂 When I read your abstract short story it reminded me of poetry.

      Liked by 1 person

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