Benjie Bleu Gets In Trouble At School


As soon as Benjamin Bleu learned to tie his shoe

He looked over at Lindie Loo

“That’s not right you have to tie it tight!”

Thus ensued a tremendous fight


One day Benjie was talking to Mary

His mother had told him to look out for fairies

This half princess was starting to look quite scary

“Don’t you know boys aren’t supposed to wear pink frocks?”

That was when Mary stuffed his mouth with a big old sock


Another boring class running laps in the gym

Poor Benjie couldn’t take his eyes off of him

“Hey Greg, you look rather big”

“Did you perhaps swallow a pig?”

Greg didn’t eat lunch for a week

Thanks a bunch to Benjie Bleu


The principle’s office started calling

“Ms. Bleu, your son’s behavior is appalling”

“I deny all charges”, Ms. Bleu said in reply

“My son revealed that these snivelers are all living a lie!”


Well that answers the question of who

Benjie Bleu learned it from you!

Something I find rather peculiar is the fact that basic elementary school manners get violated by some adults on a regular basis.  I’m not going so far as to dictate what people’s opinions should or should not consist of, because everyone is entitled to think what they please. However, there are more tactful ways for grownups to display their opinions so that their little children don’t go around harassing others in the same manner. Sometimes intent is even more important than the opinions held by the speaker; Benjie could have asked Mary why she was wearing a frock, but instead he made it very clear to her that “boy’s aren’t supposed to wear frocks”. With all the talk about what should and should not be going on in society, sometimes I tend to focus on the tone of voice people use rather than fighting an endless battle of opinions. Think what you want, just be nice to others.

The featured image is the main entrance of the old biology building on campus. I thought it resembled a school entrance, but ironically this building stinks of formaldehyde and has been abandoned while the college gathers additional funds to renovate it.

*If you Google search “forma”, like I did to properly spell formaldehyde, formaldehyde appears before formal dress in the recommended search terms bar.  There is still hope for humanity. Although formal dresses are quite a bit nicer than formaldehyde.

2 comments on “Benjie Bleu Gets In Trouble At School

  1. iggy23 says:

    Nice poem to bring across the idea to respect others’ opinions! Pretty funny to read that too, seeing how some people don’t have any sort of tact. I used to be that kind of person too but I changed my ways for the better after hearing some of my friends’ honest assessments of me when it became unbearable. Glad I changed 🙂


  2. Nice rhyming Adi! and the meaning of the poem is precise 😀


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