The Basics

My name is Adi and I am currently a senior at a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. I study economics and mathematics while working as a writing tutor. I enjoy informative writing that takes academic concepts and applies them to issues everyday people care about. This blog has given me a space to experiment with short stories and poetry as well. I have a wide variety of interests as you can probably tell from my posts. When I write more personal posts I like to offer inspiration or make the reader aware of mistakes I have made. These three categories define the posts on this blog. I do not have a strict schedule, but I write daily and post one poem and one short story each week.


Oh, so you want to know more?

I was born in Bangalore, India before moving to the United States when I was six months old. My full name, Aditya (pronounced Ah-thith-yah), is a constant reminder of my heritage as it is foreign to most and incredibly hard to pronounce. At the same time it’s awesome to have a name that means “sun god” in Sanskrit. One of my friends came up with the nickname Adi and that is much easier to pronounce. Unfortunately some people still ask me if they’re pronouncing Adi right, and that’s alright with me.

I grew up in New York, close to the city, but still in the suburbs. I have visited India frequently for all my life and I have developed a global perspective as a result of my multicultural experience. I’m quite Americanized, but I can definitely relate to the self-made immigrant experience as my parents came to the US with very little to spare as scientific researchers looking for opportunities. On top of that I completely relate to FOB experiences and having stereotypical strict Indian parents.

I have always had a variety of interests, but writing and reading have been two constant things for me. Aside from that I have tried martial arts, basketball, drawing, football, hiking, biking, piano, guitar, chess, and singing. All with different levels of success. I’m blessed to have the same vocal range as James Hetfield so I can belt out Metallica tunes in the shower. I played basketball in high school and never got anywhere with football because I’m simply incapable to hurting people intentionally. My basketball career ended after two leg injuries and the sudden appearance of a pilonidal cyst which had to be surgically removed and started a long recovery process. I played chess competitively in high school and even won a scholastic league championship one year. Music has always been a soothing pastime for me so you can find me spending many an afternoon or late night with my two guitars and piano (I have names for them, fine musical machines deserve some respect). As far as hiking goes my dad and I have hiked all over Southern New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Drawing is simply something i do from time to time. Martial arts is a thing of the past for me now, but I did receive my second degree black belt before quitting. I’m a firm believer that my lot in life is not to specialize and I can become decent at almost anything given a good amount of effort.

Believe it or not I was never considered a good writer by my teachers in high school. I constantly received mediocre grades and viewed writing as a chore at one point even though I enjoyed writing for my own sake. Once I reached college my writing efforts were immediately rewarded and eventually resulted in me landing a job as a college writing tutor. That really gave me faith in my abilities as a writer and now I am not afraid to post or publish writing since writing is a communal practice and we all have room to improve.

I have always been a good listener and I value obtaining a wide variety of opinions. With that comes the need for a good conversation, but with the speed at which information travels these days people seem reluctant to engage in such candid conversations. I’m that guy commenting on posts with detailed feedback and thoughts because I know how much I appreciate that, so why not do it for others? My search for people with runaway thoughts in need of thoughtful conversation continues 🙂

My description contains a lot about my character and not so much resumé items, now that I’m rereading it. Well ideas > actions/events > things/people so that’s how I choose to describe myself.

5 comments on “About

  1. Brandy says:

    Hey Adi, I saw that you’re a fellow algebra lover and was wondering if you could help me with a problem. I’m a math tutor and having trouble with one of my students. He’s in 10th grade algebra and failing. I can get him to understand how to do the problems, but I can’t get him to care enough to really try. I’ll teach him something, then two days later he’s already forgotten how to do it because he just doesn’t care enough. Do you have any advice on how to get him more interested in algebra?

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    • royyman32 says:

      As a writing tutor I face a similar dilemma. Many times as tutors we are helping people who struggle enough to be disinterested or never were interested in the first place.

      My first piece of advice is teaching conceptually. Make it very clear to your student how concepts build from one another. Reinforcing how math builds upon itself can make students retain information better. Teaching to solve an example does not stick very long.

      I believe a lot of grade students (especially high school) don’t see how math is applicable. Showing your student that math is very useful to him in real life may spark his interest. Maybe find out something he is personally interested and tie in a current algebraic concept to that. Always keep examples as simple as possible while illustrating a point. If your student sees that this knowledge is useful he may care more about it.

      My final piece of advice is pretty much your last resort. I value actual knowledge over grades and I understand your job is to produce actual results. However progress can be severely hindered by a student who does not understand previous concepts that are necessary to solve current material. If you are given permission to do so, you can backtrack and find the problem areas that the student is facing and build those up before continuing. it is very hard to teach math if core concepts are missing.

      Your question made my day (I love talking about teaching) and I’m sure you have thought some of these ideas over. I was as comprehensive as possible to give you the best answer I could. Hope this helps!

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  2. martafrant says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have had a synthesizer when I was a child, and music was my favourite activity. But now, I haven’t got one and I have to choose between reading and blogging 🙂 When I was reading your post, I realized one more time that I will definitely play the piano later (at the moment I have no space for it in my room)

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    • royyman32 says:

      I can relate to not having space for a piano as well. I had to beg my mother to buy a Korg electronic variant that barely fit into the old living room. I sometimes don’t have the time or resources to practice music either while I’m at college. I hope you get your keyboard and I quickly get reunited with my piano 🙂 Nothing like playing some music to soothe the soul.

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